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Adam Piechowiak is an exceptional blacksmith artist whose work is known and appreciated both in his home country and abroad. His passion for blacksmithing began at a young age when he observed his grandfather at work and became fascinated by the magic of shaping metal. Today, he is regarded as one of the leading blacksmith artists, and his creations reflect not only remarkable skill but also a deep understanding of blacksmithing traditions.


What sets Adam Piechowiak apart from other blacksmith artists is not only his exceptional technique but also his ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern artistic concepts. His pieces often combine the strength and durability of metal with delicate, almost artistic details. This fusion of contrasts creates a unique style that captures the attention of many art collectors and blacksmithing enthusiasts.


Adam Piechowiak's portfolio includes many spectacular projects, such as monumental sculptures, ornate gates, railings, and one-of-a-kind wrought-iron furniture. His skill in creating custom and personalized pieces makes him a sought-after artist for commissioned projects. However, regardless of the project's scale, Adam always pours his heart and soul into his work, making him one of the most outstanding contemporary blacksmith artists.

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Multiple award-winning artist, has been consistently recognized at the prestigious Hefaiston World Blacksmithing Tournament in Chech Republic:

2016  recognition in the Hefaiston competition

2017  recognition in the Hefaiston competition 

2021  2rd place at the Hefaiston World Blacksmithing Tournament 

2023  2rd place at the Hefaiston World Blacksmithing Tournament 

Additional Prizes

His accolades also include:

2016 – 1st place at the Polish Festival of Art

2014 – 1st place at the International Blacksmithing Tournament in Legnica.

2011 – Participation in the 1st Silesian Academy of Artistic Blacksmithing organized by the University of Wrocław, with 50 blacksmiths from around the world.

2010 – 3rd place at the Hefaiston World Blacksmithing Tournament in the Czech Republic.

Adam Piechowiak

Blacksmith Artist


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